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Thursday, 3 July 2014

How to Fix Program too big to fit in memory

Some solutions to fixing "program too big to fit in memory".

Some people starting there game after installing the game notice the game not starting with the .exe file popping up comand prompt message that is concedered to be an error saying " Program too big to fit in memory" now there are some solutions you should try before doing the hard work.

1) Most of this problems are caused by viruses infecting game files and or system memory the problem is with viruses they can leave permenet dammage so the files should be reinstalled so the solution is to do a full system scan using antivirus.

2) The second step to use is to see what opperating system you are running most new games require latest OS such as vista, windows 7 and 8 but the thing is wether you are running a 32bit or 64bit OS.
For most recent games we would prefer you install 64bit OS so that the games can run faster and better.

A 64bit OS is faster than a 32bit OS and can run better and higher qulity games in an supported inviroment. Thats what we recomend you use.

3) To allocate more ram to be used or to change some changes made back to normal we recoment using msconfig.exe, go to boot, advance settings and tick the amount ram the thing is to look how much ram your BIOS recognizes to put that amount there. Reboot and your done.

4) If problem continues your left with 2 choses to buy a new game or to go and format your PC and reinstall a 64bit operating system and try to install the game again to see if it works.

Hope it helps:

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